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Builders at our Core: Nancy Martinez

Nancy Martinez leads a self-perform work team in Virginia that helps projects stay safe and on the track to success, with the mindset of “there is nothing we can’t do.”
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Hershal Rogers shares his experiences in the drywall trade.

Builders at our Core: Hershal Rogers

Hershal Rogers has experienced firsthand the technological advancements that push the industry forward. Currently on his mind? Prefabrication. Learn about the impact of #prefabrication from a worker in the field.
2020 Trends

Builders at our Core: Andres Sanchez

Meet Andres Sanchez, a builder who successfully executes complex technical projects by embracing collaboration and integration between teams.
Digital Transformation

Builders at our Core: Pete Catalano

SPW General Superintendent Pete Catalano takes pride in leaving something behind—great projects and great teams.

Builders at our Core: Chad Urroz

For Chad Urroz, the recipe for success calls for two main ingredients: hard work and a solid reputation. It’s how he became a self-perform work concrete superintendent and how DPR became a top 10 contractor!

Builders at our Core: Fedor Carrillo

Looking for supreme quality on your next project? Look no further than Self-Perform Work Drywall Foreman Fedor Carrillo.

Builders at our Core: Andres Martinez

Working on the world’s largest medical complex, in Houston, Self-Perform Work (SPW) Assistant Superintendent Andres Martinez is putting to use a valuable benefit DPR SPW brings: the ability to better control project schedules.

Builders at our Core: Joe Rogers

Meet Joe Rogers, a best in class foreman who has contributed greatly to the success of DPR's digital fabrication project at UC Davis's Webster Hall.

Builders at our Core: Scott Barron

Meet Scott Barron, a master of cost savings for customers. As a drywall estimator on DPR’s self-perform work crew in San Diego, California, he has a gift for identifying problems before the shovel hits the ground.

Builders at our Core: Annie Brown

"Just be the best you can with whatever it is you are doing, but be safe doing it." Annie Brown of DPR's self-perform work crew in Richmond, VA instills in her teams the importance of getting jobs done the right way.

Builders at our Core: Heraldo & Yordan Vasquez Sanchez

What’s better than one Vasquez Sanchez? Two! Father-and-son team Heraldo and Yordan Vasquez Sanchez share how they’ve become leaders on DPR’s SPW crew in Austin, Texas.
DPR's Washington, D.C. Office Achieved Both WELL Gold and LEED Platinum

How DPR's Washington, D.C. Office Achieved Both WELL Gold and LEED Platinum

Learn about the sustainable building strategies and office features that helped DPR achieve both WELL Gold and LEED Platinum in the case study.
The Simple Framework concept from Integrating Project Delivery. Links through to the IPD page.
Net zero energy building features illustrated. Links through to a View on NZE.

The Path to Net Zero Energy

How DPR's Living Labs are pioneering Net-Zero Energy building certification

Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center

Jacksonville, FL

FAU Schmidt Family Complex

Boca Raton, FL

Serta Simmons Bedding Company Headquarters

Doraville, GA

Apr 21
 Photo of modular patient room

Fast-track Building Solutions aid Healthcare Systems in Battling COVID-19

Healthcare providers and staff members are under significant and increasing pressure like never before. Healthcare systems across the country have identified both current and projected needs, including: repurposing existing spacesinstalling…

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Apr 20

DPR Construction Activates Tech Innovation to Navigate Inspection

At a time when social distancing, health, and safety are top of mind, the DPR WeWork project team continued to push their project forward while adhering to all mandated safety…

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Mar 23

The Power of Prefab

The construction industry is developing new methods and improving productivity in response to customer needs, technological advances and labor-related challenges. Prefabrication is at the forefront of this evolution, delivering high-quality…

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Mar 19
MEP professionals dig deep into plans to find efficiencies for customers.

If These Walls Could Talk… They'd Say MEP Can Affect OpEx

Construction costs a lot, but so does keeping a building running for 50 years… or longer! Upgrading systems later is also costly and disruptive to building tenants or owners. There…

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Mar 17
Rendering of exterior view

Vantage Data Centers Zurich Campus, Building 1 (ZRH11)

DPR has been awarded preconstruction and construction services from this US-based client on their first data center in Switzerland. The overall data center campus (ZRH1) will total 40MW once fully…

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Mar 11
DPR workers finalize installation of a modular unit at the NIH project.

At NIH project, prefabrication delivers quality on schedule

DPR marked a major milestone on a project underway for the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland. The Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TIL) Cell Processing Modular Facility, which will…

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Mar 6
Elke O'Neill

DPR's Vested Interest in the Workforce

DPR's Elke O'Neill and Joe Garza sat down with us to discuss the new adjustable fit PPE vest and the role it plays in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at DPR…

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